We offer the majority of our research discoveries, inventions and Intellectual Property to companies and individuals for free. Providing technologies and inventions at zero cost to our industry partners results in more university research translating into products and services that benefit the economy, communities and improve our quality of life. We do this because we know that brilliant research discoveries from university research can only have a positive impact, when moved from our labs, into use.

We call our approach ‘Easy Access IP’. Our new approach aims to transform more university research into products and services to benefit society and our communities. Giving technologies away at zero cost has resulted in job creation, startup ventures and valuable partnerships. We are committed to making a difference. Our approach of ‘giving innovation to the world’ has gained momentum and has been adopted by leading Universities in Australia, Asia, UK, Europe and North America.

Global Initiative

We’re committed to making a difference worldwide, as our approach of ‘giving innovation to the world’ gains worldwide momentum and has now been adopted by leading  Universities in Australia, Asia, UK, Europe and North America. No matter where you are, Easy Access IP is never too far away.

Simplified Agreements

Easy Access IP licenses are simplified 1 page agreements. The Easy Access IP license marks the beginning of a relationship rather than the end of a licensing transaction. We feel that it is unnecessary and inappropriate to start a relationship with a 30+ page license agreement. Easy Access IP saves time and money in legal review and ensures relationships start on a positive footing.


Easy Access IP is a completely transparent licensing model. The license is free and participating institutions are upfront about all aspects of  an innovation. Participating institutions understand their role in the innovation ecosystem and actively work to remove barriers for industry engagement.